Monday, August 01, 2005

The Forgotten Half of Change

Companies, to stay ahead of market pressures, are required to do more than change -- they're being forced to transform themselves to stay alive. In The Forgotten Half of Change, author de Brabandere challenges us to change not only our actions, but to fundamentally shift our thinking about what we do and why we think what we think.

This month, think about where your thinking and your outcomes just don't match. You might want to get to business meetings on time, but keep doing that one last thing before you walk out the door. Perhaps, you know you should have employee policies to set expectations and to protect your interests in case things go awry, but you still haven't gotten it done. What about the new sales calls you know you need to go on, but you can't get away from the office to get to your prospects or new clients?

Knowing the right thing to do isn't enough.