Monday, January 21, 2008

Does the idea of cellphone use on planes send you soaring or leave you flat?

Air France is testing in-flight cellphone service on their Airbus A-318's in Europe. In the first part of the 6 month trial, users can send and receive text messages (including pictures) as well as emails. At the end of the trial, passengers can use the on-plane system, Mobile OnAir, to place and receive phone calls. The costs for these services will be charged to the user's mobile device account at standard international rates.


Thinking about this left me wondering as I consider my upcoming trips to France whether it's better to having that fellow passenger going on to me about his recent gall bladder surgery or to some poor, faceless sod on the other end of a phone line.


PS: Bonus points to me for skipping all the "Snakes on a Plane" references I was dying to work in here like, "I can't stand all these mutha... cellphones on this mutha... plane. OK, so I didn't exactly resist.....sigh*

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