Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What are some of the worst things you can say in a work setting?

OK, you've mastered what not to say in your personal relationship (or at least you can sleep at night believing you do): "Yes, you actually do look fat in that"..."That receeding hairline does make you look older"..."You didn't mind me having drinks with my old boyfriend/girlfriend/hubster/wife"....

Nope. These kinds of comments don't garner much love and happiness and though the couch really does fold out into a bed as promised, a cardboard box on a steam grate would be much, much better.

Now, turning to work, I know that I've heard some stunning things in work and professional settings. Some are just silly and some are career killers. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • That's not my job (from someone who kept telling me that he was promotion-ready)

  • I got so smashed at that conference (from a woman who later said that the men in the firm didn't take her seriously)

  • Can I touch your hair (this from a man I'd just, just met who was considering hiring me as his business coach. Use your imagination on what I might have said to him when he just stuck his hands into my a Starbucks...over a cuppa joe and a chai latte)
Now, dish. What are yours? Karma credits if you tell us how you found a helpful way to bring the poor schmuck back from the cliff's edge. Karma demerits if you tell us, with great gusto, how you pushed the silly fool over!

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