Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Been Watching Dunkin Donuts?

I have and they're eating Starbuck's lunch. Now, aside from the "Doing Things is What I Like to Do" commercial that it'll take a jackhammer to uproot from my noggin, there's this one:

This is exactly what I've been thinking when I've had to go to Starbucks: "What the hell language is this and why are the barristas so insistent that I use it when all I want is a small cup of tea?" I laughed like a goon!


Anonymous said...

Wait until you see the new "Deici" commercial!!!

It describes the actual interaction you reference--a "barista" is trying to force a woman to use the word "deici" instad of "large" in her order.

Hilarious, and sooo true.

Lalita said...

I saw it (http://youtube.com/watch?v=TLsTNnlWL-A) and it made me laugh uncomfortably. I know the BuckStappo are supposed to "bring you into the wonderful world of the Stabucks experience" but when I want a small cuppa tea, just give me the cuppa tea, dern ya--I don't care to have a lesson in Dr. Seuss speak. I don't care if, on your world, Horton hears a Who and it wants a Venti Mochafrappawhozits with a single pump of unwholesome expectation.

Give me my tea!