Friday, June 23, 2006

LNB #012: Mean People Suck! (Workplace Bullying)

Remember the bumper sticker? The one that proudly proclaimed that "Mean People Suck?" Well, we do. Workplace bullying sucks the life, energy, time, effectiveness, money and morale out of companies.

Bullying costs you. Talented people leave. Your company becomes known for bad workplace culture, making it more difficult to find good people. Your company pays more in health-related costs like medical insurance and Worker’s Compensation. Productivity plummets as the Bully's Target becomes less inclined to be there (coming in late and leaving early), performs poorly or requires more and more supervision, while Bullies stir-up other workers into back-room conversations about the Target that take valuable time away from productive work. As bullying continues, bullying costs companies in legal fees they can ill afford.

This podcast will help you understand how bullying can manifest itself in your organization and some steps to take when it does.

As a wise person once said: "Don't confuse fear with respect."

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