Friday, June 30, 2006

LNB #013: The Laptop Lament (laptop security)

Laptop Thefts of Note:

  • Veterans Administration: 26.5 million records (including those critical for identity theft)
  • December, 2005: Ford employee lost a laptop with 70,000 records on workers
  • January, 2006: Ameriprise laptop missing with 215,000 records on workers and customers
  • February, 2006: Deloitte & Touche auditor left laptop in airplane seat pocket
  • March, 2006: HP lost a computer with 196,000 records on employees

Thefts Stats:
In 2003, the Safeware Company reported that 600.000 laptops are stolen annually. The Gartner Group reports a 1 in 10 chance of being a victim of laptop theft. The FBI reports that the chances of you getting your laptop back are a dismal 3 in 100!

Key Areas of Day-to-Day Vulnerability:

  • Coffee shop (inside and in the parking lots)
  • Conference centers
  • Hotels
  • High-end restaurants (where visiting business people take clients while on travel)

Keep Your Computer Safe

  • Back up your data with Data Life Boat. Be sure to tell Ken that you heard about them from this podcast.
  • Use a laptop security cable. Try this one from Kensington: Kensington Master Lock Universal Notebook Security Cable (Black). Use it when you're at a cyber cafe (even if you don't plan on leaving your computer, when you're at a conference (don't believe them when they say your stuff is safe) and when you have to leave your computer in your hotel room.

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