Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Does Paris want a piece of the View

Rosie leaves, Paris is in the slammer and then this happens. After reading this article, my spidey yorky sense started tingling, and it hit me. The View got addicted to the sweet nectar of day-time ratings during the Rosie episode. My precognition is firing on all cylinders on this one. Tata Simple Life, watch Paris transform her brand from blondy to brains in 45 days flat and see why the term bad publicity does not exist in the world of branding. It's just how you manage it.


Lalita said...


Lalita said...

I'm watching the season finale of Celebrity Fit Club, a show I generally enjoy. Stars who are no longer at the zenith of their careers are seen shedding pounds while increasing their confidence in getting back in the game of showbiz.

That is, until this season. Dustin Diamond (a child star from "Head of the Class") has been insisting on running his own program with a heaping dose of cruelty. Why? Personal ratings.

Trouble is: Bad publicity burns brightly and then burns out. I won't watch anything else he's in. Ever. Same with Paris. Ditto Rosie.