Thursday, June 14, 2007

Everybody falls...

As I studied this graphic, the most obvious trend to me is that ALL of their numbers fall. Also, none of these presidents, not a single one has ever gotten back to their starting number.


I’ll tell you why, you already know. Candidates spend ginormous amounts of lucre to build a brand and deliver a face that people would love to vote for. After some time in office, the real grimy reality begins to show through the shiny fake patina of glossy showmanship.

Sometimes this is how brands go through life. We vote with our pockets and they fade from the shelves and from our “top of mind”. It’s like we say back home in Jamaica;

“Fi si yuh an’ fi live wid yuh, a two diffrent sin’ting”
(to see you and live with you are two different things)

Will there ever be a president that can endure the grueling time in the White House. Can a brand survive a bad review or customers leaving your service. Sure it can, Just pray you take less than 4 years to fix it.


Lalita said...

Yorkali, this reminds me of the Wizard of Oz.


Remember how the Wizard was just a regular guy who'd been blown off course. When our plucky quartet say him back there working the knobs, he bellowed into the PA system, "Pay no attention to the little man behind the curtain!"

That little man represented the "stank nekkid truth" of the business of being the Great and Powerful Oz.

For use, we need to make sure that when they bit into the little Twinkie of our brands, that there's moist cake all the way through.

Pay no attention to little man behind the curtain (website, brochure, etc.)....

Not bloody likely!

Yorkali said...

That is cool and true, me like...the stank, nekkid truth!