Friday, May 30, 2008

Star Trek's Pevney Dies

The Trekkie in me mourns. Joseph Pevney, who directed some of the very best episodes of the original "Star Trek" has passed away on 18 May in his Plam Desert, California, home. He was 96.

"The Trouble With Tribbles"

In "Trouble" the Enterprise is infested with the cute, fuzzy vermin (who don't seem to like the Klingons).

"The City on the Edge of Forever"

In "City" Kirk and Spock travel back in time to the Depression.

Pevney directed episodes of such TV greats as "The Hulk" (OK, I have issues) and "Fantasy Island" (I really have issues).

The series, in its original run, was a failure. It was cancelled after three years and poor interest and has lived for the past 40 years in syndication, having spun off 5 additional series and eleven motion pictures, books, comics and games.

The series has taught me to fundamentally alter my relationship with failure.