Saturday, May 10, 2008

LNB #052: The Dip (pt. 2)

This week, we cover ways to think your way through quitting. Knowing the answers to the key questions for your business or accountability, you can figure out pretty quickly what you should be saying "yes" or "no" to.

To remind you, in Seth Godin's little book, The Dip, he describes three key conditions when we get stopped:

  • The dip: a deep, wide break in the action. You just need to hang on and get to the other side.
  • The cul de sac (or dead-end): you can blow and blow and blow, but, little wolf, you'll never blow this house down.
  • The cliff: this looks like it will work, but it will run out of gas and land you back in the cul de sac with your Big Wheel.

Be sure to grab a copy of this little book. I'll be chatting about it for a few more 'casts.

Listen Now: 17:17

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