Monday, November 05, 2007

And It Started Working Again...*

For those of you who have been giggling at the fact that my beloved Kyo 7135 smartphone went up in a greasy puff of smoke (some foolishness about technology not lasting forever), you'll love this.

Just as I was unhooking the docking cradle and getting ready to say "bye-bye" to my trusty smartphone forever, I opened it up for one last look. The ugly "I'm dead, Jim" screen that I've been staring at for the last several weeks...was gone. It works. Now, at this point, Garland, who was nearby, said "Lalita, don't be fooled" likening it to the way a dead man can sit up and appear to sigh, he held my grubby mitts as he forced me to put it down and then he watched while I disconnected it.

Oh, the humanity.


G A Borden II said...

And now the notebook returns...... next... the printer !