Friday, November 02, 2007

LNB #050: Gobbledygook

Leverage... Cutting edge... Scalable... ...and the list goes on.

When did our business communication stop being authentic and start being a frantic race to leverage robust world-class business intel that offers flexible, yet scalable, capabilities to help achieve (I really wanted to say "leverage" again) potential and future stakeholder value?

Listening to what passes for business communication sometimes give me hives, like Frank Zappa's Valley Girl with its collection of "likes" and "totallys."

Fer sure.

We can do much better when speaking and writing to each other. We just don't. Gobbledygook, a kind of mutated chat or scribe to impress has become a nearly Olympian sport and is far less entertaining to witness. Many of us could use a Gobbledygook Book (a Dictionary of Acronyms Abbreviations Initializations & Esoteric Terminology) to keep track of the arcane terms we hear in meetings and, hell, on TV.

Use language that is clear and check in to make sure that your intended meaning is coming across. Trust me: people will cheer.

Read this article from Web Ink Now on gobbledygook in marketing. It's a good one.

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