Thursday, June 26, 2008

Absolutely brilliant!

One thing I like about Dyson is his's very good to see more baby boomers in the public eye doing progressive, innovative stuff.

Back to the product. as he mentions light yet strong, I remember my very first design project at the Caribbean School of Architecture. Actually it was a design challenge to see who could make the strongest bridge out of balsa. I forget who won, but I learned so much from that project it has stuck with me to this day. So anyway, check out the video!

James Dyson on Engineering and Design

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Lalita said...

What I find cool, is that we live in an age that allows people of all ages to express their natural creativity and curiousity. Remember, Jobs, Woz, Gates, Branson...none of them are Gen Xers and all of them have helped shape a landscape where people of all ages can thrive.

They all set conventional wisdom on its ear.