Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tornado Kills Four at Iowa Boy Scout Camp

In this morning's news, I watched a report on the aftermath of a Tornado that killed four at an Iowa Boy Scout camp. Over 40 were injured. I watched one boy, an older Scout, speak of radioing into his Scout leader to figure out what to do and how he ran to offer first aid and support to those who were injured and offered to help with the recovery of bodies from a flattened shelter.

I watched in horror and admiration.

I used to be a Girl Scout Executive at a council just north of here and one of my biggest fears involved exactly this--a storm in the midst of the night, with a camp (Talitha or Sycamore) full of girls, the phones out and....

OK. You get the picture.

In all the things we hear about our children--obesity, sullen anger and disrespect, low test scores, fearful futures--I'm heartened to hear about children who are everything we hope for.

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