Monday, June 23, 2008

Mourning a Comedian: George Carlin Dead at 71

Learned that George Carlin--stand-up comedian, philosopher, actor, writer--has passed away in Vegas this past weekend. How very sad to lose someone so terribly funny.

I remember when I 'd first heard George Carlin. I was a child and he was appearing as a guest on some children's show out of Chicago. He was doing a children's version of the Hippy Dippy Weatherman and I remember shifting my noggin back and forth--like a dog trying to make sense of some strange sound: Look at the strange adults...wonder what they're talking about.

His use of language and slant on American society and politics were legend with his "Seven Dirty Words" which challenged the government's right to control what was said in the public airwaves. To say his humor could be "black" just doesn't quite capture it--his humor was smouldering tar.