Thursday, March 16, 2006

Baby Cut Carrots

OK. One of my commitments in the development of my business this year is to take exquisite care of this body. So, in support of that, I've commited to eat something -- anything -- first thing in the morning. No excuses.

This morning it was carrots and coffee (and, yes, I realize that there's something amiss here, but you'll have to leave that alone). Munching happily on my little, crunchy orange delights, I spied something strange on the bag.

"Baby Cut Carrots" What does that mean?

Of course, fueled by the coffee (I am an tea drinker, so my brain was pinging back and forth to some interesting places), of course, I had to look it up on the 'net.

Here's the scoop: Baby "cut" carrots are not baby carrots -- those tender, young morsels that melt in your mouth. Baby "cut" carrots are sliced, shaved and whittled into the shape and size of naturally-occuring baby carrots.

Then it got funny.

Imagine: sweat shops with Girl Scouts -- one half whittling soap and the other churning out faux baby cuts or immigrant workers, well you get it. And what happens to the rest of the carrot? Are there mounds of carrot shavings, like orange sawdust, piling up in some baby cut carrot mill? Should there be a warning label: "There were carrots mutilated in the development of this product?"

I'm headed off to the gym. Find something funny today, oh, and take care of your body -- no matter how slammed you get today. It's the only one you'll be issued.