Monday, March 06, 2006

Nekkid on the 'Net

Morning routine. Get up, clean up, dress up (or down) and turn on the news while I fix a cuppa tea. This morning it was Fox and Friends (don't ask me why...I couldn't even begin to explain my attraction for that channel). The story I came in on was about a man whose nude telecommuting so bothered his wife that she got her neighbors to sign a petition banning him from the practice. That stopped me mid-stir. Trying to imagine the over-the-fence conversation that must have been between our naked teleworker's wife and the rest of the cul-de-sac "Barbara, I've got this petition. Jim's been working from home sans trou and we've got to put a stop to it."

Made my head hurt.

While I was smugly watching the Fox and Friends hosts titter about the perils of naked telecommuting, I had to pause for a minute. I had some otherwise questionable at-home business operations tactics that worked for me but would raise a few eyebrows. I used to like to work one afternoon a week holed up in my bedroom in my sweats with the cat on my lap and a coffee on the side table. Hubby Garland would call it the nest. But it worked for me and proved to be some of my most productive time. I'm not geared to travel to an office and be creative.

I feel for the poor sot with the lack of attire and the wife with the petition drive. He clearly knows how he best works. I'm glad for him -- and glad he's not my neighbor.