Wednesday, March 01, 2006

OK. I'm Green.

I was sitting in my favorite chair at "my Starbucks" (I was warned by the staff there about visiting "other" SB locations), catching up with personal and biz buddy, Toby. His phone rang and after answering it, he explained that in the months he's owned it, he hasn't learned to do more than send and receive phone calls.

I had to look and it was MY phone -- the palmOne Treo 650 PDA Phone. The one I really want. The one that slices, emails, dices and can change the asimuth on your satellite dish. It's like having a Mazurati and only driving it in first gear. And yes, I sound awfully smug. And, no, I still don't have one.

I cheerfully helped him receive a beamed contact. OK, almost cheerfully.

I've got a problem.