Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hayes Quits South Park Over...Huh?!

Have you ever watched "South Park?" It's an adult cartoon that makes fun of, well, everything: the handipcapped, women, Mormons, the aged, Muslims, Christian, Jews, Blacks, cows.

Ten years. One hundred and fifty episodes. Nothing sacred.

However, when co-founders Trey Parker and Matt Stone poked fun at his controversial faith, Scientology, rumbly baritone, Isaac Hayes, remembering his civil rights activist past, took it as intolerant bigotry and called it quits.

What I find troubling is that this isn't an isolated blip. South Park, as a brand, is known for riping on every sensitive thing out there. It's what they do: I get it -- it's their schtick. It's how Hayes sat silently while these things happened, piping up only when his favored cause was in the crosshairs. One episode I tuned in on depicted Satan and Jesus in a WWF-style match. Isaac? Silent at the grave. I turned the channel.

In our dealings, we can strive for personal and professional consistency, moving -- not to be perfect -- but to at least to be recognizable from situation to situation. Religious? Be that everywhere -- not just where it's expedient. Irreverant? The same. People will get who you really are.

Me? I find the world a pretty humorous place and I try not to take things (or myself) too seriously. I fail at that, mostly, taking some things (the big things that matter to me) very seriuosly. It's not easy finding the balance, but it's my gig, this turn of the Wheel of Life.

Now to business.