Friday, December 08, 2006

LNB #029: One Page Proposals?

While on my "one page kick" I didn't want to leave out one of my favorites: The One-Page Proposal: How to Get Your Business Pitch onto One Persuasive Page. I found the book several years ago and have used the principles the author espouses religiously in my business with great success. I found that it allows me to give a prospect all of the key information they need to make a decision on my and my services without me having to give away the store in terms of specifics on my process or suggested approach. Several years ago I found myself competing with another consulting company on a project where the prospect asked for increasingly detailed information. Turns out they'd already decided to give the business to the other company...and they gifted that other consultancy with a copy of my proposal.


Here's the lowdown. After reading the book, you'll understand how to write the following sections:

  • Title and Subtitle, defining the entire proposal
  • Target and Secondary Targets, clarifying the goals of the project
  • Rationale, with information about the client's needs and why the project is needed
  • Financials, with info on what money is needed and how it will be spent
  • Status, showing where things stand now
  • Action, listing the next steps and what you need the prospect to do.
While this process isn't workable for all types of proposal opportunities (like the government or grant proposals), it can help introduce you and your thinking to a prospect and have them chomping at the bit for your detailed plan (expanding on the information in your One Page Proposal).

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