Friday, December 22, 2006

LNB #031: What Matters Most

"That which matters most must never be at the mercy of that which matters least."
-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

In business as in life, this quote signifies the importance of keeping your eye on the ball -- the real one, not the decoy. Having interviewed people over the past 30 days, here's the golden nuggest of those conversations.

Never confuse what you want in your business with what you'd be willing to settle for. If you want people to respect you and your business, don't settle for respect. Busy isn't a good substitute for effectiveness, either.

Further, be clear that your business exists to fully fund your life and interests -- not just to make money. Be clear what you want the money for, so you make certain that you pay due diligence to those things as well.

Special thanks for 2006:

  • John Weymouth ( and YorkAli Walters ( for insisting I podcast (blame them).
  • YorkAli for opening up the blogosphere for me.
  • Rodney Amos for helping me sort out the the audio issues.
  • Jim Horan, Lynne and Toni ( for a new world of planning execution.
  • Toni Nell ( for her support and friendship.
  • You listeners. Thanks for hanging in with me while I sorted our my podcast "voice."
  • My clients for their courage and commitment.

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