Friday, December 15, 2006

LNB #030: Get the Most of What's Left of '06

On a recent call with consultants from all over North America, we generated a list of things we could do to get the most of this waning year. Here are the highlights of our conversation (with my own offerings added for spice) and my invitation to try some of the things we're doing now to ramp up for 2007.

  1. Take someone new (or weird) out to breakfast or lunch.
  2. Send out information to begin lining up speaking gigs.
  3. Finalize my own One Page Business Plan. Done!
  4. Write out 3 things I won't do again in 2007. Oh, Lord -- just 3 things.
  5. Remember the power of "Thank You."
  6. Pick people to help shamelessly. I like this one.
  7. Finish that one project I've been procrastination on. Mine is a booklet on habits, thinking and business success.
  8. Build on successes from the past.
  9. Schedule two, 1-week vacations for 2007. For me, that means no tech.
  10. Write down three things that would make 2007 better.
  11. Do year-end check-in calls with clients (as Jim Horan of One Page Plan fame says, "leaving the sales hat off.").
  12. Attend holiday parties with a smile and a question.
  13. Call five non-clients I haven't spoken with in 6 months.
  14. Take the last week of 2006 off.

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