Monday, January 22, 2007

Not Just Another Manic Monday

I was brushing my teeth this morning (yes, too much information) and listening to NPR. Now, it wasn't that bad of a start -- a little gloomy and cold, to be sure, but OK. Then, Luke Burbank reported on an interview with Cardiff University professor of psychology and expert in Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), Cliff Arnall, and I wanted to go back to bed with extra covers.

Seems that today is the most depressing day of the year -- and for many reasons. Dr. Arnall cited these on his "please hit me until the pain goes away" parade:

  • Weather - it's cold, rainy or snowy and dark. Looking outside, I thought "Check! Check! Check!"
  • Debt - the ChristmaHannuKwanzaaka bills have started coming in and we've begun eyeing that iPod that little Cindy has been enjoying with mounting hatred.
  • Backsliding - while I'm certain that the road to hell is paved with dead batteries and cast-off Swiffer pads, I've been told that the pavers are actually good intentions. About now, those New Years Resolutions stop seeming possible and we begin to slump into the inevitable: this year will only be a little better than the last. If that.
  • Work routine - we're now fully back into the grind from a month spent eating and spending.
  • Need to take action - we have that feeling...the one that says we should get moving, but gravity has us locked earthward on our quest for the stars.
  • Long haul to the next holiday - OK, when the hairy heck is the next holiday?

Now, at this point in the interview (when I was considering garroting myself with my dental floss), Luke asked good ole Doc Arnall when the happiest day was. His answer, Friday, June 22. Why? He didn't say and I don't care. I'm gearing up until then, but I'm keeping that floss handy.

Um, Cheers?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it was Blue Monday here in Indianapolis, but not for those reasons.

Go Colts!

B-java Coffee, Tea, and Art said...

I am finding that January is pretty slow all around. Not as many folks are venturing out even to work in the coffee house.

I have seen coffee bean sales go up this week, so I am guessing they are working at home or drinking more java at the office.