Friday, January 05, 2007

LNB #032: Staying off the "Road to Hell" (Achieving Goals)

You've heard that old saw: the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Well, I believe there's a lot of other litter on the hellbound highway. Part of that litter being business goals and plans. In this episode, we take a look at some of the keys to success.

Considerations for success in achieving 2007 goals

  • Courage -- see Wesley Autrey
    Here, I mean the kind of courage it takes to do the really hard stuff. Like that shown by Wesley Autrey, the New Yorker who, seeing a man having a seizure and falling off the subway platform, entrusted his children to the other bystander that was running alongside him to get to the man before he fell -- and jumped on the tracks....and saved both the man and himself.
  • Structures for existence
    Saying you'll get something done in your business is one thing, but if what you're trying to accomplish is bigger than your previous results, you'll need to have displays and reminders to keep you focused on your new level of performance and results.
  • Structures for fulfillment
    Get help. Period. You need nothing else to keep doing what you're already good at. However, producing at a higher level takes leaps in thinking and action. It also takes support to turn those leaps into easily repeatable habit.
  • What matters most
    Achieving goals is heady work. The game is to balance your past excellence in performance with new opportunities to succeed. Knowing what matters most, using a One Page Business Plan, will allow you to work with increasing levels of focus and ease.

Resources:'s Landmark Forum is a tremendous course for re-booting your thinking.
Try it.

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