Thursday, January 18, 2007

What's In My Ear (Alternative, Clever Title: MP-Me)

OK, critics. So, this wasn't the most clever sub-title. Anywhere, I've escaped to Panera (great grub, a good cuppa tea and free wi-fi) and here's what I'm listening to:

  • Nora Jones: Cold, Cold Heart
  • Amici Forever (The Opera Band): Terra e Liberta (Land and Freedom)
  • Nora Jones: Don't Know Why (heck, everything else on her first album)
  • Soul II Soul: Back to Life
  • De La Soul: Me, Myself and I
  • Putyourbodyinthemotion: Wiseguys
  • Santana: Smooth
  • Jose Feliciano/Rick Martin: Light My Fire/Guajire/Oye Como Va
  • WNUA Radio

Remember to stop and feed your soul while you're working. Enjoy!