Friday, July 06, 2007

"It's Not the Book that's Finished..." Beverly Sills

One of the most miraculous people I've ever had the privilege to see in my early life was Beverly Sills, an opera star, who passed into Glory earlier this week. She was just as comfortable on stage at the Met as in a comedy skit with Carol Burnett.

Her life is a testament to doing what you love with grace and passion.

In an age of divas, she simply wasn't one. Look at her sing with her hands gracefully resting on her dear friend's shoulders while he played. I remember watching her every time she hit the airwaves (quite a departure from the funk and punk scene I so loved). I could never get out of my head how joyful she looked.

In her last concert she said "It's not the book that's finished: there's just a new chapter." I'm sure her new chapter is filled with the music of the spheres.

My surest wish is that I approach my business and my life with half the love and passion she lived her life with.

Sing sweetly into that good night, dear lady.