Friday, July 20, 2007

LNB #045: Just Say "No?!" (part 1)

Let's face it: We're tapped out. We work longer than ever with less return. We spend more to get the lifestyle and wind up working longer and harder (notice I didn't say "more effectively").

How do we get off the treadmill?

A History Lesson
In the 1940's and 50's, the post-war business climate was booming (as was the population). By the 70's anti-discrimination laws were gaining ground, opening the workforce to women and men of color and white women. At the same time, the economy contracted and prices climbed. Then the 80's and 90's heralded the unthinkable: reductions in force among salaried workers. Now, people are becoming too afraid not to work late. Late in the 90's and into this century, we've seen an explosion in technology, which should have made our lives easier and our businesses more productive. However, that just hasn't been the case.

People just can't shut down.

As businesses start up, we bring all of this (and other) baggage onto the mix. As our businesses grow, so go the bad habits.


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