Monday, July 30, 2007

Why your business needs a blog….NOW!

Want to get from under the web radar? You’d like to expand the exposure of your website on the cheap, well you need a blog. Here’s why.

Every website needs a dynamic area and a static area.

This set-up creates a symbiotic relationship between the two. It’s kinda like having the institutional and the commercial areas of a city. The city hall and the downtown. Every city needs both and each zone needs the other. Together they add up to more than the sum of the parts. The Static being the brochure section, the mayor’s house, city hall. This area establishes who you are and what you do and your services etc. The other area is your happening, dynamic district. It’s SOHO, The Market, The Mall, Starbucks, Where the artists come and chat over coffee and crumpets , where connections are made and bonds are forged. Ideas are continuously disseminated. This would be your blog.

Once you have this set up, the blog does a number of things;
1. It rises your sites rank in Google hence people find you easier. This happens because Google targets key words as it relates to a certain topic, say “healthy living in Denver”. The more key words you have related to this topic of interest the higher you will rise over time in rankings. It’s that simple. It really isn’t rocket science :) all this SEO stuff just boils down to 2 words, keyword density. Density equals Mass over Volume. Have as much of the text mass of your site filled with a high volume of keywords. That’s how you become a heavy player.

2. It gives people a reason to continuously come to the site therefore keeping your brand… top of mind. Top of mind is prime mental real estate, as opposed to the back burner, which is equivalent to way way way beyond the wrong side of the tracks. You want to have people’s thoughts on auto-pilot to your brand/site/product when they think of a certain area of interest. All the big brands do this, they stay top of mind. The cheapest way to do this is with a web log that is refreshed frequently with relevant information.

3. You establish yourself as the ultimate font of information regarding your specific are of interest. Posting regular, recent and relevant info is the hardest part of maintaining a blog, but it is the most rewarding. This is what delivers the hits. Trust me.

The reason weblogs and the like have become so popular, is that they give your potential client a reason to trust you hence a reason to have you and keep you as a service provider. The blog has played a key role in personalizing the web. It is probably the most critical component for any small to medium size business to have as they seek to grow.

So go ahead, get going, start growing.