Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Indy ASQ Presentation: Change or Die!

First, thank you for your warm welcome last night. I appreciate your attention and your interest in the subject matter.

I'm providing this blog entry as a reference point for your questions and comments--particularly on how you're attempting to apply what you've learned. Further, if you find additional resources you'd like to share, you may do so here.

Also, if you find others who would like to hear elements of my talk, please let me know. I'd be happy to meet with other groups.



Tom Pearson said...

Thank you for your great presentation at IndyASQ. I was struck by the similarity of Lewin's Unfreeze-Move-Refreeze cycle to de Bono's creative process of Provocaton-Movement and the restandardization step of all quality programs like Kaizen. I agree with Slide 7 that the core element is about changing the behavior of people. However, the right strategy, structure, culture and systems are critical to getting the new behavior aligned with success. The realization of system success clearly depends on human behavior of people, but overall enterprise success requires the right mix of all of these factors.