Monday, February 12, 2007

LNB #036: Truth Telling While Selling

This episode includes an interview with the fabulous Toni Nell of Springboard Consulting.
Toni Nell of Springboard Consulting is a player. She’s worked with A-List clients (like Morgan Stanley) and been the go-to-gal for such business luminaries as Jim Horan (The One Page Business Plan) and Michael Gerber (The E-Myth Revisited). In her own right, she’s seen and done about everything in a sales context.

Focusing on one of the key steps in her "Stop Selling Like a Man" program, she helps us understand the importance of truth-telling while selling. Now, that doesn't seem like it should be something you'd need to be told, but you'd be surprised (or maybe even surprise yourself) when you think about how quickly the truth can sashay out the door when it's close to month-end and the cupboard's almost bare.
What she’s learned is that selling is truly about understanding and moving into the world of your prospect or client – lock, stock and teardrop. Your PowerPoint presentations and glossy brochures be damned. Key steps to being your ever-so-wonderful, authentic selling self include:

  1. Relaxing At a sales call, there may be nothing for you to DO, except be fully competent and ask, “So why am I here?” Your curiosity makes you powerful.

  2. Show up

  3. Listen without agenda

  4. TELL THE TRUTH (this episode)

  5. Let go of the outcome


Stop Selling Like a Man Teleclass: 27 February, 9 Pacific/12 Central.

Check back here or at Toni’s website for more details.

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