Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Below the Surface of Microsoft Surface

Microsoft has created a spanking new computer-table, er, compu-table, a computer-integrated table for sale only at coffee shops, restaurants and other commercial enterprises. This new computerized tabletop is human touch sensitive and interacts with our digital devices, like cameras, pda's and cellphones. With it, you can place your order from your table, and when it comes, you glass can activate a commercial for you to enjoy alongside you latte. Um...*

Privacy activists are already concerned that you could inadvertently get your information sucked down by just putting your purse or wallet on the table--of particular concern for use at Las Vegas casinos.

Listen to NPR's Michele Norris as she chats it up with Glenn Derene, senior technology editor for Popular Mechanics, regarding the "Microsoft Surface" or read Glenn's article.