Thursday, May 17, 2007

Guess What? Another Hospital!


So, my man, Garland, was hiding the fact that his chest goes thump-ouch when he walks up stairs, works out, walks too long or does yardwork.

He does these things a lot.

A good egg, Garland is (He's gorgeous, too). He knew I was worried about my Dad and he didn't want me to be worried about him as well.

He mentioned the thump-ow-y thingy to his doc, who sprang into action suggesting that he have a treadmill test whenever he got around to it. Well, Garland sprang into action with a, um, faster spring (I'll work on that), getting his test set up immediately and, one nitroglycerin tablet later was on his way to get his arteries reamed and a stent installed (kind of sounds funny).

This has had me thinking about the other things in my business and those around me that we're ignoring, hoping that in time they'll go away. Peut etre ("maybe," for those of you who didn't take college French or are we still replacing "French" with "Freedom"?) we should be springing into action on this stuff before it KO's us.

Just maybe.


Toby Miller said...

Garland is not as fine as I, but perhaps many of us need to get ahead of this type of thing before it not only takes us out, but also wrecks or stalls our businesses. Yes, I know this is the cloud calling the cotton ball white, but our business has been approaching businesses about awareness and services available that can help us all not only be ahead of these issues, but effectively manage them before crisis.

I am glad that he is doing well . . . and I have some suggestions for you two that I picked up from Dr. Spock! Let me just say that both of you will have smiles on your faces 4-5 times/week and will experience multiple benefits without the thumpy-ouch thing (unless you are into that).


G A Borden II said...

The business lesson to be learned is that preventitive maintenance is nice, however, when a problem, issue, or process ventures out of the control limits, you take action NOW, not some day, NOW. it is not possible to make advances in our business endeavors if the business is not operating at peak effeciency. As Covey says, sharpening the saw (or axe) means making the time to keep everything well maintained and operating as advertised. Works for the individual as well. Body not working correctly? Stop and investigate. Catch and correct the issue early and live to see another day. Otherwise, cut your thread of life a few inches shorter.