Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How to Prank a Telemarketer

This is Lalita being mischievous. So, if you're delicate, don't open the link (no pictures) and if you're at work, please note that it comes with sound (a recorded conversation).

I changed the listing in the phone book for one phone number for my company and have been bombarded with telemarketers and junk mail for that changed listing. Having found myself getting increasingly frosted by people calling to ask me how I like my copier, my toner supplier, my insurance, my cellphone and more, a friend sent this to me out of the clear blue sky.

They get me on the phone and just start, well, vomiting up their speil on me, whether I want to listen or not. One time, the telemarketer, frustrated with my lack of interested, suggested rather emphatically that I get a decision-maker on the line. I own the company and as President Bush says, "I'm the Chief Deciderator (sigh)."

I laughed like a goon.

Click here: How to prank a Telemarketer



Image credit: Randy Glasbergen's