Thursday, August 30, 2007

Apple and Google sitting in a tree....

I think we are about to see the first major fruit of Apple's collaboration with the G-force (Google) and that is the Gphone. Apple and Google have been working closely for some time now and with the imminent release of the Gphone from Google we are beginning to see how their collaboration is going to pay off. The strategy seems so simple. Establish the iPhone as the creme de la creme of the PDA space sell it for a premium price, then offer the gPhone as the bargain buster option but super connected to your existing Google world (that's where the value come from of course). I see good times ahead for Apple and Google....good times. This is a perfect example of company cross-pollination with out the product cannibalism. It's fast becoming a Google-Apple world.


Lalita said...

iPhones, eMachines, and now a gPhone! I'm going to lock up the letter Q--they'll be needing it soon enough.

Peut etre the marketing brainiacs should consider branching away from letter-designated products.

Peut etre.