Friday, August 17, 2007

Being of Service

Starting next Wednesday I am going to be engaged in an intensive course on being of service...........

My wife is having foot surgery and will be unable to put any weight on her foot for 6 to 9 weeks!!!

I wouldn't say I am lazy, although she might, but she has spoiled me rotten, cooking really healthy meals, grocery shopping, keeping the house clean, etc. etc. ( I do grill, like most men, we that's helping).

We also have a recent addition to the family, Sadie, a beagle shih tzu mix that is without question, the cutest puppy on the planet. Our vet says Sadie could rule the world!! She does however have more energy than I do and she and my 6 year old schnauzer don't always see eye to eye. Sadie being still very puppy like things she's the center of the universe.

So starting next Wednesday I am going to be in an intensive course on being of service to my wife, pur puppy, etc. etc.

Wish me luck........well patience........

I will keep you posted on how the course is going and what new insights I have gained.


Lalita said...

OK, Ray. Dish some insights aleady!