Friday, August 24, 2007

The "If You Start Me Up" Update

OK, it's been a week of more regular eating (when I eat, my diet is good but at the starvation level, impacting my fat retention), vitamins and exercise and better sleep. I have lots more energy, but my weight is fluctuating. I have more energy and mental clarity (hmmm....could there be a connection between food and the ability to think?). Still working on setting up a regular time to get to the gym, but I think that's defeating the purpose. I've hit my Total Gym every morning while I'm watching the early news (Fox in the morning, the best live comedy there is).

My doctor, a very nice Korean practitioner of traditional medicine (herbs, acupuncture and cranial manipulation), is concerned that I've depleted my adrenal glands from all the stress of the year (Dad and Garland were sick puppies then I had the cancer scare). Could be. So Dr. Park's doing some blood tests and having me beef up on my stress vitamins, which has been surprisingly good. Also learned that I can't eat wheat, rye, barley or oats (which are in everything). So pita bread felafel's sandwiches are right out. Looking for alternatives for home and for business meetings (no more morning oatmeal breakfast gatherings).
Including my well-being in my business day has not been the easiest thing. Taking care of myself as I know I should is damned inconvenient



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