Friday, August 17, 2007

Linked In

For those of you who have not discovered LinkedIn as yet, I can hardily recommend it for accessing a wide network of professionals globally.

Since I was introduced to the grown-up's version of myspace or facebook, I have really gotten engaged in asking questions, answering questions and being of service where possible.

I hasn't become an obsession yet, but I can seee my ADD dancing around the fringes.

Check it out:


Lalita said...

Lalita here. It's an obsession for me! That's how I met Ray, people.

G A Borden II said...

Linked IN... better than sliced bread. I found a long lost college buddy who I thought had died due to a stroke. and I never got a chance to tell him how much he helped me through school. Turns out he is alive and well, his wife is P..sed at me for not staying in touch, BUT all that can change now. As Lalita says, the question and answer section offers huge possibilities for exploring all sorts of wild ideas. I'm hooked to linked in.