Friday, September 14, 2007

The UMPC Market Heats Up as More Units Hit Market

Having heard nothing from the good people at OQO, I'm left with the clear impression that they are unwilling to consider the impact of the right-handed bias with respect to their pointer placement. I've been looking for other options, though I'm still holding out. Here's one, the Vye Mini from VyePC with their write-up:

Weighing 2.2 lbs and small enough to fit in a school bag, handbag or briefcase, the mini-v is the world’s most practical mini notebook computer designed to offer everything that a notebook can. The mini-v has the benefit of having an easy to use qwerty keyboard, with real keys and full notebook functionality. The mini-v combines your conventional notebook, desktop, PDA, MP3 and MP4 Player, whilst being not much bigger than a paperback book. The mini-v mini-notebook from Vye Computers offers great performance in a stylish silver and black lightweight design. With its stunning 7-inchWSVGA touch screen display, this mini-notebook offers you the best on-screen performance, enabling you to operate full Microsoft Offic applications, watch films or view pictures of your last holiday. All this with the freedom to choose from keyboard, mouse, touch pad, joystick, touch screen and stylus.

The mini-v comes pre-loaded with Microsoft Vista and can act as a Phone, Notebook, MP3 Player and PMP (Portable Movie Player) as it has been fully tested with iTunes, DiVX, Skype and comes with CF (Compact Flash) compatibility to support a 3G data/voice card. Using Intel® McCaslin technology and configurations that will include Intel Stealey processors, the mini-v is a compact notebook computer that’s capable of acting as your office PC. With an integrated VGA port, 10/100 LAN and USB 2.0 interfaces, you can connect all your desktop peripherals and multimedia devices to the mini-v. With integrated Wireless LAN and built-in Bluetooth® you can also take advantage of wireless networks and hot spots whilst out and about.

The Vye Mini is slated for US release next week. The two memory options will allow you to get your mitts on one: The Intel A110 800MHz processor or the Geode chip which is about half the price (and half the memory).

Still looking for options as my HP Pavilion continues to get some age on it. Besides, it isn't getting any lighter and my travel schedule is heating up (much like the battery compartment on the loaner Dell I'm using).