Sunday, September 02, 2007

More On the "If You Start Me Up" Challenge

Got back from the gym a little while ago. Did a good set with 15 minutes on the bike to warm up, 30 minutes of hard resistance and 25 minutes to yoga (the last pose, savasana, is named appropriately, corpse pose: you end up lying there like a dead thing). I was a sweaty mess. Serene, but a sweaty mess. The yoga at the end of my workouts is the treat I look forward to. The other stuff, however...

Oh, and I've learned that fitness water is a bad thing. A terribly bad thing for the Lalita home team. After our workout, Garland and I stopped by the cafe at the HealthPlex for something light to eat. While I was at it, I decided to try a Revive Fruit Punch vitamin water from Glaceau. Now, I should have been put off by the un-warning label that suggested that children or women wanting to get pregnant shouldn't drink it (I'm not lying). But, the un-warning was so charming (my euphemism for confusing) that I dove right in. It tasted slightly...medicinal and was only vaguely fruity tasting, but I like the other Glaceau products (meaning: I'll give this one a pass).

On the ride home, Garland pronounced sentence on the Glaceau. Seems I took a deep breath when we left the gym and didn't stop talking (or breathing) until we got home. This stuff is packed with caffeine.

I'm getting back into the rhythm of working out with 20 minutes on my Total Gym in the mornings (no hitting the "snooze button," um, more than once) with 10 minutes of yoga to set myself up for the day. I'm finding that I'm more clear-headed in the mornings, having slept better at night. I don't drink the green tea first thing that used to use to rev me up. Also, I'm taking lots of vitamin B. It was suggested by my doc that I'm vitamin B-12 deficient and I started taking a serious supplement early in the day along with a set of vits for adrenal support. Calcium rounds out the day, with me chomping down a handful right before lights-out. While I'm out and about, I put an Emergen C fizzy packet into a glass of water and I'm off and running. Good stuff.

This is starting to get me where I want to go.