Sunday, September 02, 2007

Pimp My Hearing Aid

You know, I'm rah-rah for all things technology--particularly at the smaller end of the spectrum (must come from my days selling Systems 36 and 38 for IBM). But when I saw this, I just didn't quite know what to think. We know that we're not supposed to rock out with the volume on the old iPod pegged at the max, but do we listen? No. We can't hear anymore. At least that's what hearing aid design and manufacturing firms are hoping for.

Designs are getting hipper (the first wave of the MTV Generation has just turned 50, ya'll) and have a more youthful appeal. The little gem pictured above (from is slathered with diamonds (I couldn't have foreseen this one if I tried) and sells for a staggering $49,000! Quite a lot of cabbage, I'd say. I think they're getting ready for Paris and all of her friends.

I can't wait for a design brainiac to combine an iPod and a "Personal Communication Aid." Maybe they'll combine it with an iPhone and get the most out of this possible convergence device.

Now that I've put that in the blogosphere, I'll wait for my check from Apple.


Anonymous said...

If you can't afford an expensive hearing aid you can still beautify your standard beige behind-the-ear model with a cover or similar, as I've demonstrated here with my own: